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Artist: OSullivan Gilbert
OSullivan Gilbert Author
Album: The Very Best of Gilbert O'Sullivan (2003)
OSullivan Gilbert - The Very Best of Gilbert O
Song Title: Matrimony
Genre: Rock
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I've no wish to hurry you luv
But have you seen the time
It's quarter to ten and we're supposed to be there
At nine
I don't think the registrar
Will be very pleased
When we show up an hour late
Like two frozen peas
Both now facing for the first time
Presently and past
Something that begins with M
And ends in alas
More than not complete disaster
Even from the start
What could it be...
It's Matrimony
I know how you've dreamt about
Being walked down the aisle
But think of the money we'll save
And you'll see it's worthwhile
It won't please our mums and dads
But they don't even know,
Besides if they did what's the betting
They wouldn't even go
You and me are all that matters
Disregard the rest
Trust your soon to be old man
He knows what is best
Very shortly now there's going to be
An answer from you
Then one from me
That's matrimony
I'm truly grateful for the little things in life
That have made me so glad
Every other hour that I spend with you
Is not in the least bit sad
Quite the opposite in fact
And if you don't believe me
Here's the proof
Ask me if I and I'll say "Aye, I do"
You and me are all that matters
Disregard the rest
Trust your soon to be old man
He knows what is best
Very shortly now there's going to be
An answer from you
Then one from me
That's matrimony
Marriage-the joining together of the two people
For better or for worse Till death them do part

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