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Artist: OSullivan Gilbert
OSullivan Gilbert Author
Album: The Berry Vest Of (2004)
OSullivan Gilbert - The Berry Vest Of Album
Song Title: Who Was It
Genre: Rock
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Who was it that caught you falling,
and put you back on your feet?
And who was it that tripped you anyway,
in order that the two of us would meet?

It was me and I'll tell you why
I did it because of my
Pure unabashed devotion to loving you

Who was it that tried to kiss you,
In spite a very definate no?
And who was it that managed to succeed,
In getting it with your fists down below?

It was me and I'll tell you why
I did it because of my
Pure unabashed devotion to loving

You and me both feel the same
We even look alike, and like it's a bloomin' shame
That because we do, people think that we're you...
Know what I mean?

Who was it that came to see you,
When there was no one else in sight.
And who was it that stayed over an hour,
And not as I expected, overnight?

It was me and I'll tell you why
I did it because of my
Pure unabashed devotion to loving,
Pure unabashed devotion to loving,
You, you, you ,you

Who was it that caught you falling

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