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Artist: O-Town
Song Title: You Bring Me Under
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My mind is suffocating
By your deep sigh
The scent of you has got me
So blind, why, why can't I be with you
Full time 'cause
You bring me under

Your lips, your eyes
You're scared
You wait to be with him
Your thoughts and mine
Will meet in time babe
You're mine babe
So fine babe
But for now

I like it when you bring me under
You bring me
I know you so well
I love it when we get down, down, down
Can't you tell
I know you know when I first met you
I met you
My heart fell
I love it when you take me down, down, down
Under your spell

I could forgive you
I can't forget you
The things that you do
Won't leave my mind too

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