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Artist: Oversoul
Song Title: Sphere Of Unhappiness-III Feel
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I know no joy

Only sorrow and pain

I have evertying to lose

And nothing to gain

Once I stood so very tall

Now I feel I'm nothing at all

As i search, this quest gets shorter

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger

Forever fading, losing my grasp

I wonder whos having the last laugh

Each night I sleep as if it were my last

I tire of living out lifes' task

I feel I can no longer hold on

So it's you who must stand up and bne strong

These things I ment to tell you

With my own voice

But I was hurting so much

I didn't have a choice

There's nothing left for me now

You must carry on somehow

You may not understand

But it will come to you

Just what I've been going through

Deep in my heart I know I'm good

Sometimes I don't see it even if I could

I have to do this to be free

I can't take any more misery

Overcome these thoughts that surround me

I can feel myself drowning

There's so much I could never live up to

I never ment to be a burden to you

I can see you as the tears swell up

Find your strenght, don't ever give up

These questions I long for

Which were never sought

This isolation

Further spreads the rot

Release these chains that

Kept me all in a bind

Reliquish myself to

Have peace of mind

My life's been punctuated

My price for hesitating

Total self-detonating

There's no other reasoning

To rid this imposter inside

Time to say goodbye

I apologize for putting you

Through all this

Deep in my heart

Who I always will miss

Take care, so long, miss you, forever


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