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Artist: Overstreet Paul
Song Title: Take Another Run
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We started out to walk through life hand in hand together
We ran into some trouble on the highway to forever
Took a turn that turned out wrong, woke to find the feeling gone
But I know that we'll recover, if we hold on to each other

CHORUS: Let's take another run at it, baby
Take another run at our love
Let's have a little fun with it, darlin'
It don't have to be so serious
Don't tell me that it's over
We can pick the pieces up
Let's take another run
Take another run at our love

Sometimes the mountain looks so high
When you're standing at the bottom
But once we've made it to the top
You can't see the problem
Right now it hurts a little bit
But we've never been the kind to quit
And I'll know we'll make it over
We'll be rollin' in the clover


If we walk away and say we tried
We'll never know what's on the other side


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