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Artist: Pablo Petey
Pablo Petey Author
Album: Still Writing In My Diary: 2nd Entry (2004)
Pablo Petey - Still Writing In My Diary: 2nd Entry Album
Song Title: Jam Yall
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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Ay, Check this out,This the Carolina Birddog
AKA Ginboy, Mister Ginboy, Y'all know what it is
I got my man Gotto in the house tonight
I got my homeboy Bryan in the house tonight
We gone represent, Carolina we back baby
Holla atcha boy

[Verse 1]
We came to fill the gap in the game
The helicopter man took and bought him a plane
Now I guess I'm just gone have to pick me a name
To place cross the face of my new runway
International roller, while y'all still ridin round local
Crusin through in somethin' chopped off at the roof
Tearin up my baby doll new hair-do
Candy painted sittin on some brand new shoes
Aint studying nothin' lesser than them 22's
Actin a fool, by the hip-hop and the music
Doin tricks, hittin switches like (uh uh uh)
All us sittin on dubs, and all our guls cut cuz
Y'all broke, and can't get shit from us
Besides a motherfuckin dick to suck (C'mon)

[Chorus - 2X]
Shit, Gotdamn, get off yo ass and jam
Awww Shit, gotdamn, get off yo ass and jam

[Verse 2]
Carolina nigga got the game on lock
You can tell a pimp nigga when you see his car
Still tickin passin him with two bad hoes
Window rolled down so his curls can blow
That boy from the west coast, naw I don't thank so
I thank he from down south, where they get low
(To the windowwwwwwwwww!) dual pipes and vogues
Sippin gin, head in the wind, you seen it before
You know how we roll, cars both sides of the road
Like a motherfuckin pimp nigga, watch me hoe
Cut that shit down, what he talking bout
He just mad cuz, his girlfriend turned out
Look at that bitch in that truck, bouncin that butt
(Look at that bitch in that truck, bouncin that butt)


Aight, now what we do right now, we gone go back
Way back, c'mon c'mon

Yo momma, yo daddy, yo greasy greasy grandmammy
These girls scandalous, got holes in they panties
Got big behinds like Frankenstein
Breathe smeel just as shitty
And meatballs on they titty
And scrambled eggs down 'tween they legs
Aint yo girlfriend pretty

YEEAAAAH! This is another Lil'Jon production
Petey Pablo, y'all what it is
Set it off


you know I'd like to come over there
and just choke the life outta ya right in front of Jesus [laugh]

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