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Artist: Paddy Casey
Paddy Casey Author
Song Title: Whatever Gets You True
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Know you like to run away
Just a game you like to play
Pretend you're free for one day
And maybe give your heart away
And it might be good for you
So, whatever gets you true
So whatever gets you true

When an open fire just won't suffice
And your home's been built on sacrifice
Might sound good, but it is nice
And you rarely get to play with a rollin' dice
Like all those humans do
So whatever gets you true
So whatever gets you true

Know you like to stay out late
Waiting for some relevate
I know you like your whiskey straight
So your mind can elevate
Well me, I like elevators too
So whatever gets you true
So whatever gets you true

Well me, I'm only human too
So whatever gets you true
So whatever gets you true
So whatever gets you true

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