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Artist: Pages
Song Title: O C O E Official Cat Of The Eighties
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You were such a prophet back in '63, you had all the answers
You became the first to set the children free
But nothing lasts forever, does it
Time goes on and dreams, they wash away

You traded in your karma for the 70's, searching for a meaning
You rented out your land up in Monterey, livin' for the city
Disco nights, you'd swing, and wonder why

O.C.O.E. - you got charisma, O.C.O.E. - you fit the picture
O.C.O.E. - you got charisma, O.C.O.E. - you fit the picture

Somewhere in the netherworld of cons and scams, lives a lost messiah
Rushin' to the future and runnin' from the past, intent on getting higher
So knocked out, so real, a hopeless jag



So knocked out, so real, a hopeless jag



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