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Artist: Paige Jennifer
Paige Jennifer Author
Album: Jennifer Paige (2005)
Paige Jennifer - Jennifer Paige Album
Song Title: Between You And Me
Genre: Rock
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They say the road of life
Is paved with good intentions we have
No matter how we try
To keep our promises, sometime we just can't
Little bit of faith can be wondrous
It's the only place we can turn to

Between you and me
There's enough love that I believe
We'll rise above and we'll get through anything
Between you and me

They say that bridges burn
From one soul to another if you don't tend the flame
And I pray somehow we've learned
To build an understanding from the ashes that remain
Not enough faith can be dangerous
It's the only place we can turn to


There are times I don't feel safe
Like we're not on solid ground
But I trust your eyes
When I see you look this way
I know we'll find it, we're gonna find it

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