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Artist: Paige Jennifer
Paige Jennifer Author
Album: Positively Somewhere (0)
Paige Jennifer - Positively Somewhere Album
Song Title: The edge
Genre: Rock: Pop-Rock
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A crowded room in the dead of night
Bodies crash in the sound and sight
I see your face break through in a flash of a light
With eyes that seem to read my mind
I feel we've touched in another time
And suddenly my heart is coming alive

And I feel you calling me
All night
Pulling me closer
Wanna give you all of me
Oh I
I think I'm going over
Over the edge

The night unfolds like a lover's arms
But we can't talk
Don't know where to start
We breathe as one but we're two worlds apart

So let's not question right or wrong
Wanna move with you 'til the night is gone
And suddenly this is where we belong

And I feel you calling me
All night
Pulling me closer

Wanna give you all of me
Oh I
I think I'm going over
Over the edge

If I'm going over baby come with me
All the way over, baby

And I feel you calling me
All night
Pulling me closer
Wanna give you all of me
Oh I
I think I'm going over
Over the edge

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