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Artist: Palmer Robert
Palmer Robert Author
Album: Honey (1994)
Palmer Robert - Honey Album
Song Title: You Blow Me Away
Genre: Rock: Pop-Rock
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You Blow Me Away

Robert Palmer

I was all at sea

'til you rescued me

Saw through my charade

Said don't be afraid

My life was just pretence

You won my confidence

And came to my defence

You blow me away

Saw through my masquerade

You made me unafraid

Broke down my barricade

You blow me away

I didn't have a clue

'til I looked at you

When I saw your face

It all fell into place

Here in your arms

What can I say

All of your charms

Blow me away

You must have been aware

That this here love affair

Could take us anywhere

You blow me away

You washed my pain away

I saw the light of day

You helped me find a way

You blow me away

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