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Artist: Pandora
Song Title: A Love Like This
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Say hello to the world cause you're just 'bout to see it
Say goodbye to the past cause you're just 'bout to leave it
Oh, now you're gonna feel better than ever before, yeah
What a day this is, gonna find your faith in a kiss

For a love like this, were to come to you
And it can't be found matter what you do
Cause a love like this, is a dream come true
I know how it feels you can do what you want to
You can do what you wanna do

May your heart be your guide, may your soul be your mother
Open up gonna come to a world like no other
Mm, deep inside there's an answer you know what to do
What a day this is , you can change your life with a kiss


Mm, now you're gonna feel better than ever before, yeah
What a day this is, gonna find your faith in a kiss


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