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Artist: Paris Burning
Song Title: Sea Beneath
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something happened to me today
all these thoughts came rushing through
they were all from the past
all these memories of you...
of when the walls came crashing down,
and the world fell apart
from underneath our feet
it happened so fast
when the sun, and the moon, and the stars
turn as black as the night time sea
and our world falls apart from around us
and it's so dark that we can't see
I would be so content if I knew
that you would be there with me
this whole world could come to an end
if you would just stay here with me
don't ever leave...
don't you believe in me?
don't you believe in us?
don't you believe in this?
you took me to a place so far away
a place it seems like never ending pain
I thought I could handle it
but I thought wrong
you tore me apart, ripped me out,
and devoured my soul up whole.
and the pain iust fades away...
I'm numb
sometimes I wish I could be whole again
to wake up next to you, or just hold you hand
but our walls came crashing down
into the sea beneath

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