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Artist: Park Linkin
Park Linkin Author
Album: Meteora (2003)
Park Linkin - Meteora Album
Song Title: Dont Stay
Genre: Rock: Alternative
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Don't Stay

sometimes i
need to remember just to breathe
sometimes i
need you to stay away from me
sometimes i'm
in disbelief i didn't know
somehow i
need you to go
sometimes i
feel like i trusted you too well
sometimes i
just feel like screaming at myself
sometimes i'm
in disbelief i didn't know
somehow i
need to be alone
don't stay
forget our memories
forget our possibilities
what you were changing me into
[just give me myself back and]
don't stay
forget our memories
forget our possibilities
take all your faithlessness with you
[just give me myself back and]
don't stay
i don't need you anymore
i don't want to be ignored
i don't need one more day
of you wasting me away
with no apologies

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