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Artist: Park Linkin
Park Linkin Author
Song Title: Ntr-mssion
Genre: Alternative
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album: "Reanimation"

Finally recover
When the mood is right
Looking up into a neon sky
Time the mean takes over
Guess it's been too long
Since the last time that I tried to fly

Finally I find
When I lose control
Inside my body crumbles
It's like therapy
For my broken soul
Inside my body crumbles

Only needs a moment
Just to get away
Hope the stress won't mess up every day
No one final question
And I never doubt
Everything is gonna be okay


Insecure would be my sign
(I don't know if I'll be alright, I don't know if I'll be alright)
I'll never have to hide
(I don't know if I'll be alright, I don't know if I'll be alright)
Try to live right
(I don't know if I'll be alright, Now I know it's)
It's alright

Finally I find
When I lose control
Inside my body crumbles
It's like therapy
For my broken soul
Inside my body


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