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Artist: Paul Brandt
Paul Brandt Author
Album: This Time Around (2004)
Paul Brandt - This Time Around Album
Song Title: This Time Around
Genre: Rock
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This time around is the only time you get
Like an hour glass that can't never be turned again
Once it's done, all you are is who you've been
So sink or swim
I'm diving in
This time around

This time around
Gonna love with all my heart
Do my best not to finish where I start
No regrets
Set my coarse among the stars
No looking back
No pointing back
This time around

Each waking moment's what you make it
Don't let a minute pass you by
This is the only chance
So take it
All you have to do is spread your wings and fly
This time around

This time around
All I ever want to do
Is hold on loosley
To everything, but you
And at the end
After all we've been through
I'll know in my soul
I had it all
This time around

I'll know in my soul
I had it all
This time around

This time around
This time around
This time around
This time around

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