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Artist: Paul Coleman Trio
Song Title: I Dream
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I closed my eyes again and I fought this traffic jam

And I tried to slow this engine down

But just like all last night I felt injustice bite

One body one chance one country at a time

And no rewind button

I dreamed of things I'm yet to be

And of angel wings that carried me

From suffering and agony to eternity

I dreamed that you were next to me

And all your scars refused to bleed

I dreamed that love and peace had power

Over fear and bitterness

I dreamed I saw a million angels

Coming forth to rescue me

Singing welcome home my faithful servant

Tantalizing images I dream

The sky was like an angry bruise

That wouldn't let the sunlight loose

And bring us healing and take the swelling down

And these were years of insurrection

Condemnation and disconnection

Refusing to believe that you'd paid the tab for me

And unhappiness is here defined

To know the truth but to stay behind

And to burn your invitation to the promised land

I dreamed the dove of peace was chosen

Over fear and weaponry

I dreamed someone could raise a family

Never fearing tragedy

I dreamed I saw a million angels

Intercepting evil schemes

Love and comfort never ending

Everlasting images I dream

I dreamed I saw a million angels

Breaking through the clouds of grey

The sweetest sounds of hallelujah

Came and stole these blues away

I dreamed I saw a million angels

Coming forth to rescue me

Singing welcome home my faithful servant

Singing words I long to hear

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