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Artist: Paul Westerberg
Song Title: Whatever Makes You Happy
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Whatever makes you happy
Is exactly what you will wear
I wouldn't dream of changing you
For a minute or in a year
Whatever makes you happy
Is exactly how you will stay
Whatever makes you happy is okay
Whatever made you hungry
Is the one thing you have found
You're starving for affection
I guess sex just lets you down
Whatever made you turn away
It's a shame it made you late
For whatever makes you happy
I don't care let it rain
You make me nervous
You make me jealous
You make me wonder when you lie
You make me want to vomit
And I promise
I want you 'til the day I die
Whatever makes you famous
Ain't contagious
Please don't run
You're falling down a stairwell
Calling farewell anyone
Whatever makes you lonesome
It's the same that sets you free
Now whatever makes you happy
I'm pretty sure isn't me
Whatever makes you happy baby
I could make you happy baby

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