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Artist: Q And Not U
Song Title: Collect The Diamonds
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imagine everyone you knew hands tied and standing in a queue.

this could be serious.

surround the house with every dead.

this could be serious.

it could be so deadly deadly serious.

collecting diamonds from the fabric of the ocean.

collecting diamonds from domestic mines.

and risking all our lives for nothing.

and in a fortnight they'll know everything about us.

our brightest qualities, our cruelest lies.

recording all our noise for nothing.

we're making every noise we know.

reciting every curse we know.

that could be dangerous.

communication can be impetuous.

so so so so very impetuous.

collecting diamonds from the fabric of the ocean.

collecting diamonds and some worthless stones.

and risking all our lives for nothing.

and in a year they'll forget everything about us.

our harshest qualities, our private jokes.

and selling all our noise for nothing.

i cannot be found buried in the ground.

please help me sir, i'm desperate.

and i have no sense, no song to sing.

please help me sir, i'm clean.

please help me sir, i'm desperate.

and i am no jewel, no diamond ring.

no part of your collection.

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