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Artist: Q Strange
Song Title: Bad Day
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Rollin down the ave in my piece of shit ride

It barely even runs and it stinks inside

But I really don't care cuz its gettin me where I'm goin

I'm just drivin along I hear this horn start blowin

I'm lookin all up in the rearview like who the fuck is behind me

The high beams in my face and know they startin to blind me

This fool is gettin pissed cuz I ain't goin fast enough

But I can't go any faster still he wants to pass and stuff

He passes on the right and then he flips me off

He's like fuck you pal as he lays on the horn

And that shit be pissin me off cuz he thinks that hes safe

Just because hes in his car but I'll still break his face

Now my heart is startin to race adrenalyne is flowin

He treat me like shit drivin away where the fuck he think hes goin

I'll show him who hes messin with now I'm gonna make him pay

So I follow him home because he caught me on a bad day

I can't believe that guy has some nerve

So I followed his ass all the way home to the suburbs

He pulls into the driveway he's goin into the house

Tonites the night I think Ima take the whole family out

So I wait a while but now I got a closer look

So I go up to the window and I'm hidin up in a bush

And I look inside oh no what do I see?

Its the classic all american family

The asshole is sittin on the couch with his wife

Hes got 2 kids a dope crib what a life

He has no idea that they all about to die

Cuz today the stupid bitch fucked with the wrong guy

I walk up to the house and I kick open the door

The guy jumps up he trys to his me in the jaw

But I look at him and smile now the families gettin scared

They all run and hide but this guy is still there

So I'm still smilin at him cuz I'm a lunatick

Then I took out my knife and I stabbed him in the dick

He fell to the floor as he begged for his life

He asked if I was gonna hurt the kiddies and his wife

So I said fuck you the whole family's dead

Then I stomped on his head till the carpet turned red

I hear some cryin wheres it comin from now I got it

I go up to the next room its comin from the closet

So I'm walkin over and I rip off the door

His wife is in the fetal position laying on the floor

I tell her to get out but she doesnt wanna listen

She just layin on the floor and she keeps winmperin

She said please don't hurt me and I said bitch you ain't that lucky

She said take whatever you want I said I don't want your money

So I stepped into the closet and I grabbed a wire hanger

Wrap it around her neck and strangle....

Walkin down the hall oh no I'm hearin some more cryin

I walk into the bedroom under the bed the girl is lyin

So I reach under the bed and I'm grabbin her by the hair

I drag her out from under as she looks at me in tears

So I grabbed a barbie doll and jammed the legs through her neck

What I bloody mess so I dragged her with the rest

Of the dead family but theres still the little boy

I'm walkin around the house and I start to hear this little noise

So I walk into the bathroom think its comin from the tub

So I'm rippin down the shower curtain this is the shit that I love

So I ripped him out of the tub and shoved his head in the toilet bowl

Makin him drown in his own piss stealin his innocent soul

So I guess my work is done

The stupid mother fuck will never fuck with anyone

So watch who youo fuck with be careful what you say

Cuz you might catch a skitzo on a bad day

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