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Artist: Q Strange
Song Title: Father Figure
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[Verse 1]

Some knew my uncle Roc as a mob figure

But to me he was much bigger he was like a father figure

All that crooked shit he did he never let us see

Welcome me into his home givin' me family

A man to me closer than my own pops

My cousins ain't my cousins, they're my brothas and that lovin' wont stop

Never wanted the come I would never throw ya name

For personal gain, too much respect in my veins

Grow to me like your own and I never got to thank ya

Angry when I saw what they printed in the paper

Offered to take me in when I lost my mom

That's why I respect you more than any mafia don

I didn't know that man that did the federal bids

I knew a man who give the whole world to his kids

Knew a man who was funny and he had a good heart

And I'ma treasure you forever I'm a miss you uncle Roc


In my life I never had a dad

But you we're right there to guide me down the path

Given me the things I woulda never had

Even though it's hard now that 'cha passed

I still move on, try not to be sad

I had you in my life I think god for that

And I just hope that I can be

Half the man you have to be

[Verse 2]

Grandpa you did a better job wit me than your son

No disrespect to my father but you got the job done

Taught me how to win respect that I'll never forget

Working hard all your life poured blood, tears, and sweat

Taught me honor and pride, and I feel hollow inside

Wit out 'chu in my life I'm so sorry you died

Took me from a boy to a man, and you raised me

Not just for me, you did the same thing for Jamie

But you were the glue that held the family together

Never thought after you passed that the family would sever

All of our ties, and just stop communicatin'

But without ya love I guess we started hatin'

But we was all there around the hospital bed

We were prayin' and cryin' I said goodbye then I kissed ya forehead

Watchin' my hero trying to breathe on a respirator

Yesterday the pain was even greater watchin' as you fade away

Right before my eyes, wishin' I could save you

Right until the end you were so strong and brave too

Named my son after you and you were so proud

Told everyone you knew about 'cha great grandchild

You held him in ya arms broke a tear couldn't speak

If only I knew, you woulda passed the next week

I woulda told you were my world thank you for your love

I hope your lookin' down watchin' over us from above

Because, you were the one who played the role model

Without 'chu in my life my hearts filled with sorrow

I guess what they say no one is promised tomorrow

Its true, Gods mysterious ways would always follow

You taught me life lessons I'ma carry for life

Pass it on to my seed, and try to bring him up right

Without these influences I don't know where I'd be

In the cemetery or in the penitentiary

[Chorus] - 3X

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