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Artist: Q Strange
Song Title: Illriginal
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Yeah Q Strange

Wit dat Illriginal Style

[Verse 1]

Reppin' deep subterranean, crazy up in the cranium

I'm lookin' mo' suspicious than Arabians with uranium

Flyin' low in the shuttle, I'm far from suttle

I'm gettin' stared at more than interracial couples

I run through airport gates wavin' guns too like fuck you

I come through, wanna blow dis bitch up too

Cuz Q, don't know how to deal with every day stress

I stay dressed in rags, and whack sneakers from payless

My paychecks are way less, than cats wit half the talent

My pockets slim and empty when they should be thick like Allen

Battlin' emcees and they all full of a player shook

Still I couldn't get signed with a pen and a yearbook

[Verse 2]

I'm in the house like I was on home confinement

Lyin' like my career would be shorter than Paul Simon

Never had the smarts to go and be and MD

But they should still call me Doogie cuz I Houser MCs

A thousand emcees, frontin' man they ain't sayin' nothin'

Just flappin' they lips and tellin' stories like Teddy Ruxpin

You ain't thugin' I don't care what your crew say

Heard me rhyme on Friday it didn't hit cha till Tuesday

You say alive I should come and see you rock

I did, you bout as live as Biggie Smalls and Tupac

Got a shoebox full of tongues keep as my trophies

From homies, I annihilated at the show, see?

[Verse 3]

You was a top dog yesterday man, it don't scare me

I'm here today like Matt Lower, and tomorrow like Annie

You fairy, pansy yo you shoulda tried plan b

My beats thump like that rabbit on bambi

Cant stand me, cuz you know that you ain't half as nice

So go fuck ya self, like a hermaphrodite

Pass the mic to me and piss mad kids off

I hog the shit for two hours they're like "dag get off"

I was in the cipher but I had to leave the circle

Watchin' me battle is like seein' Screech vs. Urkel

Verbal, mutilation, slaughter, man just accept it

You pass me the mic, big mistake, yall shoulda kept it

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