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Artist: Quantum Jump
Song Title: Neighbours
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one day mothers fences were blown down in the wind)

Oh yes we've lived on the fourth
Since you've lived on the fifth
Must be about nine years by now
We've been passing on the stairs
Yes, well we've noticed your friends
We've heard you argue some nights
Smelt your meals through the floor
Never known you by your first names
Just a mister and missis
No children to play
Make us bang on the ceiling
What a surprise when you called to say
"Oh well we're having a party
- Come on over tonight"...

We're neighbours (pass your key)
Living over you, living over me -

Well we dressed up so fine
Rang the doorbell at nine
Your eyes were on fire
When you opened the door
Your husband was... hazy
You offered us grass
Well of course we refused
When I went to the loo
Tripped on the carpet
And was joined by a few
Limbo ladies like touching
So they felt me up and down
Laid me out on the floor
Till I cried out for less
I came back to the sofa
And there was no one around
Cos you'd stolen my wife
To play games
With two men and a snake

Hey mam, what's happening to me
mam etc.

I was hungry and hot
Couldn't see through the smoke
You were wonderful neighbours
And we were your joke

We're neighbours (pass your key)
Living over you, living over me

Crossed the landing alone
Made me some toast
Think I'll buy
A country cottage with a moat
...Well I wasn't rehearsed
Think I'll buy... Limbo ladies like touching
Think I'll buy a country cottage with a moat
Limbo ladies like touching, settle down -
(Limbo cottage with ladies in the moat

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