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Artist: Quasimoto
Song Title: Bad Character
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check me out
check me out
Public enemy number one
Lord Quas up on the set
Word Bet
Bad character you see up on the screen

[Sample] I'm just sinful, vicious, oohhh

Guess who's the new bad character in town?
Causin' mischief in your city, (hey watch out)turn that shit around
I'll smack a nigga with a brick, talkin' outta place
Like I was sniffin' paint laced, flyin up outta space
LORD QUAS, I'll put your best through a metamorphis
Have ya' slavin' in my dungeon while I'm eatin swordfish
So BITCH WAIT, we watchin pornos with Romes
We analyze for the astro-black shit
Madlib got the grass to get so we get lit
We commence to astro-travellin'
Grabbin up skins, so we can play a game of javellin

I'm labelled as a bad character
no matter what I do I'm labelled as a bad character
I'm labelled as a bad character
no matter what I do I'm labelled as a bad character
I'm labelled as a bad character, bad character

I'm always lookin' under some girl's dress
With a vest, cause some ducks wanna put me to rest
Now I'm a soldier in the town drinkin' Butterfly Snapple
I walk around the streets passin' out poisoned apples. (OH SHIT HE'S DEAD?)
Now it's time to skip town. (I know who it was)
Hey yo, you dirty niggaz know how I get down!
I'll stab a nigga in the chest with pitchfork from behind
And rob some rich folk for makin' my ancestors eat swine
Y'all niggaz commin' slower than guns while I'm on the run, the director
I'm labelled as a bad character

Yo, I'm labelled as a bad character
no matter what I do I'm labelled as a bad character

[Sample] HAHAH

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