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Artist: Quasimoto
Song Title: Low Class Conspiracy
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Aiyyo we headed to a party to go see whats happening

smoking a lot in the car turn on some rappen

Start to freestyle we be up on our way

Finish up the blunt

[Madlib] Somebody pass me that tray


Get on the freeway yo its after dark

Letting all kinds of speed cars pass

Just so they can harass our black asses

The Police pulling us over for no reason

Searching the car,like it's nigga hunting season

Yeah, around... asking about where's the pound..

Where's the gun, are y'all niggaz on the run?

You got warrants?

y'all ready for some informin'?

That's how they be cracking, it seems like they be actin'

Except it's real life, rushing up your residence

Searching your crib, man they can't find no evidence


The other day Mr. Buddha had this plan

Kick brands so the whole crew could expand

They all wanted me to drive the getaway car

I was like fuck it, I ain't got no dough anyway

They started to plant in my garage

As they get large

Start to gather the entourage

My niggaz straight hit the bank

With so much money you couldn't even get that smell out

I got laced with thirty G's

To keep it free's

Plus a nigga ratted so far on a breeze

Police talking about where's the dead president

I said fuck y'all, y'all ain't got no evidence

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