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Artist: Queensryche
Queensryche Author
Album: Operation Mindcrime (1988)
Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime Album
Song Title: The Mission
Genre: Rock
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In the wooden chair
Beside my window
I wear a face born in the falling rain
I talk to shadows from a lonely candle
Recite the phrases from the wall
I can't explain this Holy pain

Six days ago my life had taken a tumble
The orders came from high above they say
A need to use me once again they've got my number
Further the cause boy yes you know the game

I'll wait here for days longer
Till the sister comes to wash my sins away
She is the lady that can ease my sorrow
She brings the only friend
That helps me find my way

I search the past back to a time
When I was younger
A target for the new society
Picked to displace the leaders
Countering objectives
Of this new underground reality

Waiting for days longer
'til sister comes to wash my sins away
She is the lady that can ease my sorrow
My love for her
Will help me find my way

My mission saved the world
And I stood proud
My mission changed the world
It turned my life around

I look around my room is filled with candles
Each one a story but they end the same
I'll hide away in here the law will never find me
The walls will tell the story of my pain

Waiting for days longer
Till sister comes to wash my sins away
She is the lady who can ease my sorrow
She sets the pace for my delivery of pain

They'll say my mission saved the world
And I stood proud
My mission changed the world
The underground will rise and
Save this world we'll all stand proud
Our mission changed the world, we'll change the world
We'll all stand proud

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