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Artist: Queers
Song Title: Junk Freak
Genre: Alternative
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We're not the Titanics and we'renot the Voodoo Dolls

We're not Buullet LaVolta and we ain't 8-balls

We're not as famous as the Pixies or the Bags

Hey, we may be the Queers but we ain't no fags

I keep hoping you'll wake up, ya losers

Use what's left of your brain

You don't have to tell me how great you are

Ya stupid, stupid, stupid kid

Ya junk freak etc, etc

This guitar wasn't paid for by my mom and my dad

I'm not a college boy in a band, pretending I'm bad

See I'm a loser, a fuckup, and an asshole just like you

In my punk rock band thinking I'm so cool


My girlfriend's never satisfied no matter what I do

Well listen baby, I'm not too impressed with you

I'm sorry we're not as famous as Gang Green

We are the Queers and my name's Joe King


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