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Artist: Quench
Song Title: Bring The Summer In
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Blue summer carpet ?tween the trees

No longer smothered by the leaves

You bring your sun to light the days

The summertime lightens my ways

Though the rain is falling fast

The summer in your heart will last

Kicking darkness far away

Lighting up the darkest day

Though the discontented,

Misconnected winters come and go

Still you shine as mine

No UV warning needed for this show

So come on now

Let's bring the summer in

Though days are cloudy

Come on now

Let's bring the summer in

Let's change the season

For one reason

Bring the summer in

No sweat marks lurking underneath

No fast acting anti histamines

No need to fear the outside burn

Just be prepared for inside turn

Sky forms the feeling day by day

But you can choose to push away

Any winter of your heart

Bring in summer at the start

So as you plan your steps along

This weather front stays ever strong

No need to pack your water proofs

Just get the sunnys, drop the roof

Live in summertime today

Its burning in you day by day

Every season of your soul

The summers there at your control

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