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Artist: Quitter
Song Title: Armistice
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cease-fires on fingertips everything you want for everything you need trade the future in for history unconditional surrendering i?m not going to tell you why no i?m not going to you why armistice in broken hands parades to honor you a marshall plan for me to the victor go the spoils of war the victor owns the pen that writes the past even if you ask

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  • Contrails
    "blood work done will say we?re poison i will taste from your lips will you taste from my lips to be sure we?ll sit here turning blue together one final collapse of our union is well deserved goodbye surrounded by his tribe shaman tells of men in the sky no one will believe the contrails in the sky will prove him right fell in love with isolation an obvious thought given time to reflect on events we?re finding blessing in departure a slowly decaying resolve to set forth alone i wish you well

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  • Liberation Day
    "from the shadows guards are watching towers to the skies fences stretch for miles plan it slow work in silence surmounting obstacles master patience leave nothing to chance give the signal send the code tomorrow is a go for liberation day keep a secret on your tongue the operations on its liberation day use the tricks of trade and barter gather up the keys open the locks hell will freeze before we fail and only god will know tonight?s the night tonight we go tracking dogs are at our heels and i will die before i kneel tonight?s the night tonight we go i know you?re afraid of course i'm afraid

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