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Artist: Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis Author
Song Title: Legions Of The Betrayed
Genre: Rock
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In the ruins of my mind
I curse your name with hatred
I cast you down, (throttled)
With a burden of a thousand sins.
As you drawn in lakes of my tears
Sentenced to inhale my misery
I reject!

Condemned, broken
Your mangled body beaten to a pulp
Unmoved by blows of hatred
Your trusting eyes remain fixed on mine
As you fade I charge you with my crimes!
I betray!

I can not comprehend
The logic behind your sacrifice
As you caress me with your broken hands
I break them again,
Spitting venom into your tired eyes

Contorted from my vile hate
You remain unfallen.

Condemned, broken
Your mangled body beaten to a pulp
Unmoved by blows of hatred
Your trusting eyes remain fixed on mine
As you fade I charge you with my crimes!
I betray!

To the chorus of a thousand moans
Leading the legions of the betrayed

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