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Artist: Qwel
Song Title: Good Friday
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* send corrections to the typist

(verse 1)

Divided we stand man decides to unite for bandwagon

Antagonistic fashion statements pants saggin grand dragons

Street tagging advertisers, plastic liars, bar codes

Stuff your wallets fat, misspell your cotton pharm clothes

Scared with shopping carts marks

March with the other army ants

Be aardvarks for forty hours thought, hardly a chance

How long can we dance, upon our hands for these snakes?

Dreams capes and screen savers fate baits police states

Increasing release rates complicating everything

But honestly, faking philosophies talk to me, never think

Play level as treble rings, mellow strings and boom bap

Embellishing fiends with tight lids on feathery sheets like do rags

Loop that, the news cast, plastic laugh factory

Tap the screw cap masterpiece snatch the latch and key

Father testin me inventing recipes to wreck survival

The truth we speak, usually two deep, like 5-O

Curse the ears to sneer wisdom but embrace intelligence

We count sheep on your beef but sheer skills to chill irrelevance

We're wasting time, if you ain't making rhymes tight

Hindsight's 20/20 but he's chasin' lime light

Yo, we define height while blind mice just squeak they climb nice

These cats will kill the lie and hype

Tight despite your prize heisters

Blistering heat and listening honestly skip the bullshit

Drop sloppily from seat bottom brought sodomy to the school kids

The ?? gets hot as ice ?? despite his life to prove it

The mic's the fruit of life ?? ?? but likes the music

Insight the use of views produce the news and took a joint pollute it blues

Infomercials, tie your shoes, you probably missed the point

Make the children steal fruit so they can swat the lead flies

Make the children steal fruit so they can swat the lead flies

Make the children steal fruit so they can swat the lead flies

Make the children steal fruit so they can swat the lead flies

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