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Artist: Qwel
Song Title: Stresscom
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* send corrections to the typist

Hello I'm stress, Fuck you!

You're fired, and pregnant

'Cause I control this twisted carnival, hit the exits

I spent your rent on killin' children, chasin' red cents

Tasted birthday cake, wanna vote?

Invade with dead cents

From hemp scented bar parking lots where justice don't chill

To money hungry starvin' artists dressin' up with no skills

So hush, pretend it's a game

Just remember the pain

Write a song about the industries dust intrigued lust

Then it's the same jargon hardened garbage

How's your liver? How's your sister?

Drown her kids in liquor sips

Stereo sounds for six figures

It's bigger then right and wrong

It's writing songs for singing sheep to sleep

Bleach the sheets, Teathin' leeches teach the feast

On your babies dreams, 'cause maybe things ain't that bad

Not considering, I'm not the victim cop this image, cop this insulin

Rip the infants limb for limb

Stretch their skins for instruments

Bang the drum, bang the gun

Buy the jeans by the hope

Buy the smoke by the gallon

Buy the rope by the throat

Buy the talon by the rope

Buy the throat by the talon

Mimicking riddles fillin' abusions

Filling these shoes that's impossible

Fossils rockin' Big Macs and public hip hop and toppled obstacles, and stumbling

You've got a shot, humilities just an anchor

Work to turn the slaves into graves

Ashes to cash dust to pay dirt

Chalk up a favor, pay it later

For now we'll fake the sound

Ground shakin' anti-gravity

When your wallet weighs you down

Hip hop cultures flourishing worth worshiping these vulture skulls

Of target markets, red targets and carbon multiples

Of headings beading sevens, sixes and small print

I'll be Tyreseus to lead these lemmings towards the dolphin shit

I'll be Tyreseus to lead these lemmings towards the dolphin shit

They have eyes but do not see

I'm not the victim, cop this image, cop this insulin

I'm not the victim, cop this image, cop this insulin

I'm not the victim, cop this image, cop this insulin

I'm not the victim, I'm not the victim, I'm not the victim

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