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Artist: Qwel
Song Title: The Highest Commitment
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(Verse 1)

Yo, shit ain't like it used to be, Not since puberty

Who knew our paths would happen to cross so what you do to me

But now I love you with every bit of my heart

How I used to get you wet when I hit it too hard

I can taste you on my lips, I even love your aroma

Please stay close to me, we'll float into a coma

I love your red hair, I'm just dead air without you

Showed me the light with slight pools hype around you

You used to love crushed ice cold down your back

I'd try to swallow you whole, you rolled down the sack

But now it's empty, you and I'm whipped, I'm lonely

A love letter to you, but yes I hope the phone rings


Every penny I made I always brought straight to you

My thoughts never strayed, I stopped shaving it's proof

(Verse 2)

If I can't have you girl consider this the suicide note

I miss your mind games ever since you and I broke

At time you made it hard to breath hard to see the end

Please one more chance I'll never let you slip through my hands again

I always showed your seeds love

You were never charmed

How's it better this way, with an empty set of arms?

I know we said we had to let the air clear a few days

I thought I knew life, well then along you came

But now it's too late

You were always more then just a friend to me

You've occupied everything in my short term memory

Sure there's other fish in the sea

You snagged the line

Corny but cold in this empty sack of mine


My friends ain't seen you, said I should let it be

But yo girl you'll probably be the death of me

You're my source of inspiration, did I pass my limit?

We used to light an incense, we'd snap in the kitchen

Following our instincts with whipped cream in the dark

The chemistry between us when shit seems to get hard

We used to cut class to chill, we'd get alone I'd choke

Spittin' shit I wrote for you, not just blowin' smoke

No other will effect me in the same place that you touched

Sometimes I wish my friends would've never introduced us

You give me goosebumbs, but the truth is I love it

Sometimes too much to take, we used to do it in public

On the train in front of other people she never seemed to care

Where we was going 'cause sweet love was in the air

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