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Artist: Racer X
Racer X Author
Album: Technical Difficulties (2000)
Racer X - Technical Difficulties Album
Song Title: God Of The Sun
Genre: Rock: Hard-Rock
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[Jeff Martin, Russ Parrish]

Pray to the rain

Pray to the god of thunder

We are as one

Through the blood of our brothers

On through the ages

We have lived here free

Spirits from the past remind me

We get our strength from the light up above

God of the sun

We face the east

The smoke is offered upward

(we pray Heammawihio)

To fight this scourge

Who rape this land our mother

The white eyes came across the sea

Bringing pain and misery

Oh five us hope great spirit up above

God of the sun

Great father I pray

With the strength of your light

Help us find a way

We wish only to breath

The dust of our fathers

And to hunt where their spirits lives

Now they bury our pride

And caputure our souls

Leaving us barren

With no place left to go

And with pain in our hearts

And tears in our eyes

We look up and we pray

To the God of the sun

On throught the ages we have lived here free

Spirits from the past remind me

We get our strength from the light up above

God of the sun, God of the sun

They've captured our pride

They've cut us inside

The winds of war are blowing strong

Our trail of tears gets long

God of the sun

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