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Artist: Racer X
Racer X Author
Album: Technical Difficulties (2000)
Racer X - Technical Difficulties Album
Song Title: Snakebite
Genre: Rock: Hard-Rock
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[Jeff Martin, Paul Gilbert, Scott Travis]

Comes way after midnight

Slinks around the alleys of your mind

Wakes you and you're breathless

Cannot figure out waht's deep inside you

A strike will come you'll least expect

Aaaw no, there's a snakebite coming

From inside your mind

Wide eyed, left in wonder

In the dark the poison feeds your mind

Praying for an angel

A spirit in your heart you've left enshrined

There's no rescue there's no escape

Awww no, there's a snakebite coming

From inside your mind

How much longer can you stand this

Anxiety, the guilt, the fear, the doubt

A coiling hiss of madness

At its will a tongue that lashes out

Your heart will pound out deep regrets

Awww no, there's a snakebite coming

From inside your mind

There's a snakebite coming from inside

There's a snakebite coming from inside

There's a snakebite coming from inside

Your mind

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