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Artist: Rachael Yamagata
Rachael Yamagata Author
Album: Happenstance (2004)
Rachael Yamagata - Happenstance Album
Song Title: Collide
Genre: Rock: Pop-Rock
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I?ll fascinate you for awhile
My hands in wait to please, so well
When I wake to realize, all I?d done
I?ll be breaking strings
And all you?re gonna feel
Is undone

I will not stay if you ask me to stay
Do not ask me to stay because I will not stay

Why do we always collide
Stuck onto different sides

You resignation, don?t simply file
Its not imaginable(???)
Your love
What I wake up to find
All I?ve done is unkind
All you?re gonna feel is untied

Why do we always collide
Stuck onto different sides
Why do we always collide
Stuck onto different sides
Why do we always collide
Stuck onto different sides
Why do we all
Why do we all

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