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Artist: Radio Architecture
Song Title: Without That Kiss
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Who could have known
All of this time and place
Would be but a face
Covering me
Covering hopes and dreams
I feel in myself
All I dream
All I hope for
Dreams are not so bad
All I live
All I die for
Soul is all I am

Won't cry
Won't resist
Can't forget you without that kiss
Won't cry
Won't resist
Can't forget you without that kiss

God only knows how many times
I've chained myself to my flesh
Who could have known
Only surrender brings me back
To that bliss
That I dreamed of
That I hoped for
Dreams are not so bad
All I lived
All I died for
Soul is all I am


Like I said
Only the things that you feel in heart
Are true
Don't let possessions come tear you apart

All of my life
Feeling the pain of what has gone
And what was left
Only the love
Only the kiss of wisdom
Frees me from all this
And I see
What I live for
To be all I am
Not to fear
But to let go
And do all I can


Eric Wincentsen
Glendale Community College,
Glendale, Arizona

"Give me ten wheels for Jesus!"
-Elvis Hitler

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