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Artist: Raining Pleasure
Song Title: Capricorn
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now for once in your life
won't you say how you feel
yes for once in your life
please don't filter everything

come on tell my your story
or just tell me you're sorry
say you love me
say you hate me

I don't know where I'm going
but believe me I know why
and I don't know what love is
but I know how to prove it

truly this silence kills
how can you hold your tongue
some things need to be said
I can't take it anymore

don't tell me what you'd like
to want to say
just tell me what you want
what you really want
what you deeply want
what you really want
what you deeply want

I've shown you myself
and I'd do it again
if I knew who you were
if you'd just let me see
let me see
let me see
let me see

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