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Artist: Rampage
Song Title: Call The Ambulance
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[Busta Rhymes]
Yeah.. Busta Rhymes now, Flipmode now, check it
See we in two-thousand-and-three already, catch up to us
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hah, huh

Now motherfuckin case closed
The shit blow your speaker, keep turnin your base low
Spaz out because I motherfuckin say so
Before I blow this bitch like we down in Waco
Thick in cock diesel, that's the way we roll
Big truck shit, even my bitch whippin the Range Rov'
We 'bout to skyrocket and THE WAY WE GO
The way the bitches lookin love THE WAY WE BLOW
Check it, we light shit up like Broadway yo
The crack-head rappers better JUST SAY NO
Before I turn stupid and back the heat slow
Lay and wait for niggaz in the back street yo
Weak flow, take your shit like I'm comin to Repo
Create a crowd scene and stack a bunch of people
We bustin through the doors, shootin through your peephole
The shoot that never miss is like shootin a free throw
All you niggaz better go and..

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
Put they body on the stretcher, carry they ass out
Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
I'll put they body on the stretcher, carry they ass out
Call the ambulance

Catch sixteen to remove your organs
H-2-O ridin round in same orbits
Notorious from New York to New Orleans
House come with the lake swimmin with dolphins
Fifty keys with large proportions
Caught a few niggaz on money extortions
Niggaz snitch, F.B.I. is hawkin -a

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