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Artist: Rancid
Rancid Author
Album: ...And Out Come The Wolves (1995)
Rancid - ...And Out Come The Wolves Album
Song Title: Listed MIA
Genre: Rock: Punk-Rock
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I'm checking out
I'm never coming back again
I'm checking out
I'm listed M.I.A.

God damn it man, I almost had it
Stuck in the sewer beneath all the maggots
I aint fooling, I've been pursuing
A way to get out of these dirty old ruins

God damn it man, I almost had it
They threw me at the door, they're calling me a faggot
I aint done, only yet begun
West Oakland is the place where I'm coming from

God damn it man, I almost had it
Well I did it again, yeah I do it out of habit
Well I'm numb, it aint no fun
I'm less than zero when you add up the sum
I'm checking out, yea, it aint no doubt, yea
A courtship built from anger is what it amounts
I almost had it, I almost had it
I came so close man, I almost had it

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