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Artist: Ras Kass
Song Title: OohWee
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[Ras Kass]
Everything I say don't be yae yo
Haters in batter rams, I slam
Like syringes in heroine, four hundred and fifty grams
Overdose, every coast, one hundred spokes chrome
Knock off some malt liquor by the malzatof
Don't gotta floss, huh, ain't that the truth
Flyin in boobies, silver six hundred Coup
Like whoop whoop, holla at me big baby
Sop me up wit a biscuit, cuz you know it's all gravy
Linquistical flow, I ain't Mystikal, but y'all ain't ready
If a nigga don't rhyme about crack, clothes, pussy and fatty
Eat a dick, that's music to my balls,
like Gloria Estefan fuckin Hakeem Olajuwon
How this black lil nigga get more head than a beauty salon
Guam, blowin ya shit out like Chaka Khan
For sheezy, my favorite women is sleazy
Bisexual triplet freaks, forty five at they sexual peaks
I'm fuckin three Tony's, like Rafael Saadiq
And got a trick up my life, manufacturin cheese
My matrix will triculate wit melodies
Rehabilitated hood rats, shake the specie
I'm tryin to die filthy, rich and ruthless, I'm easy
See Austin niggas is know for flossin
But I still buy my T-shirts and socks from the slossin

[Chorus: Ras Kass

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