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Artist: Rascalz
Song Title: Cant Relate
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[Juju] {Psycho Les}
What what yo
Yeah yeah, you know what I'm saying
One time for your motherfucking mind
No doubt
Beatnuts {exclusive}, Rascalz collabo
Who want it? Who want it? {Rascalz}
Ju the german
You know what I'm saying
Niggas don't want it {Rascalz}
All my live niggas, with me?

[Juju] {Beatnuts}
I make my own price, murder your team with only one knife
Stabbed my ex-girl because she couldn't make me cum twice
{It's dumb right}
Same reason I like to gunfight, squeeze 'til I bleed
So if you coming better come right
{Drunk tank}
Living so foul I'll even jump Christ
Hendrix is between heaven and hell with no ice
Hunger and terrible times helped me to become nice
Fuckable, we all going to die, that's why I love life

[Psycho Les]
This is for my niggas from S.A. D.C.
And D.R. where we are, 'Nut is who we are
Fly off the FDR and take your spotlight and make it clear
You couldn't bring the party to life with CPR
Pass the mic and go set the VCR
So I can blow up the show and dissappear
With the baddest chicks with the fattest tits
I like to fuck, get drunk, smoke
Then I have them strip, with no problem
Big thighs, I'm so round them
I could lick them but can't stick them
With no condom, so where the hats at?
So I could smack that, back fat
Flip it and then tip it, take a nap nap
And that's that
And call it a night, the alcoholics is like
Still drinking, the pussy on the mind like Bill Clinton
I'm still killing... tracks flipping something new
Beatnuts and my niggas Rascalz

CHORUS [Beatnuts

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