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Artist: Rasheeda
Rasheeda Author
Song Title: Freak
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Chorus- I'm a Freak, if you want me, you can have me. I do it for free. I'm a Freak, don't play around when it comes to goin' downtown. Understand now? 'Cause I'm a Freak.

Verse1- I'm da R.A.S.H double E.D.A. Ya'll niggas know, ya'll can' fuck wit' me. I come from Montgomery, Alabami, where hoes give they pussy for free. That's me! Wanna get crunked up like the Iconz? Come on, come on, huh? Allmy hoes, wave ya hands up and strutt dat stuff.


Verse2- A bitch like me will do anything for sex. Give da nigga money, a car and make sure he's fed. Never worry about anything when ya wit' Ra. 'Cause I'll make sure you got yours, I got mind. I'm a gangsta bitch from da south. Make sure da nigga dick come right in my mouth. Make me wanna fuckin' choke and right after, I gotta smoke dat dope. Damn nigga, can you gimme some mo? 'Cause dis is somethin' Ra enjoys.


Verse3- Baby, every time I pull my skirt high. Nigga, it makes ya fuckin' dick rise. I need another night wit' you baby. Why da hell you avoiding Ra. You know da only pussy you gon' get free is mine.


Bridge- Come on, gimme some, gimme some. (repeat 3X)

Chorus Out

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