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Artist: Ratcat
Song Title: Chasing
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I never seem to ever really get it right,
chasing after you.
I always seem to somehow get it wrong,
chasing after you.

My foots in my mouth,
everytime I open it up to speak.
My throats in a knot,
everytime I have something to say,
{hey hey hey}
It doesn't really matter anyway.

I never seem to ever really get it right,
chasing after you.
I always seem to somehow get it wrong,
chasing after you.

Walk on by..... (*4)

I go weak at the knees,
everytime I think how I'd like to please.
I find my toungue tied.
everytime I open my mouth to say.
{hey hey hey}
It doesn't really matter anyway.

I believe in dreams and I'm dreaming of you.
ar its true!
Maybee I am crazy, some dreams do come true.
I know they do!
Everytime I see you, I lose all control of my feelings.
How do I tell you how I feel inside ?
as you walk on by.

I never seem to ever really get it right,
chasing after you.
I always seem to somehow get it wrong,
chasing after you

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