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Artist: Ratcat
Song Title: Time Bomb Of Hate
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Did you check the wires?
To the Time Bomb in my Heart
It's all set to go into
abrand new start
The clocks ticking now
The times about to come
When all will change
The feelings I have found.*

Let me tell you now...
I'm in Love...
And It's you who Ive been dreaming of...
Far too long...

Nothing that you say or do
is going to make me change the way
The way that I feel about you
Nothing that is on my mind
is going to make me change this feeling
That our love is of a deadly kind.

Time Bomb of hate...
Let me tell you now...
It was true romance...
and It's you who's been enhancing
My state of mind...

{repeat *}

Time bomb of hate
Let me tell you now...
I'm in Love...
And It's you who Ive been dreaming of...
Far too long...

She told me that she loved me you know,
I think that she lied
you could tell she just hated me
it was in her eyes
Oh Well ..

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  • Credits
    "Produced July-August 1987, Blue Harbour Studios SYD.


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