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Album: Endless Conflict Theorem (2002)
RAVENTHRONE - Endless Conflict Theorem Album
Song Title: Dawn Deliverance
Genre: Metal: Doom
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Album: Endless Conflict Theorem (2002)

at last we meet for the final stand
on the hillside of your father's land
the sound of steel, the call of doom
hail the rainstorm, hail the gloom

we march, we fight, we die, we rule!!!

now here we stand,
where the sky forever fades
praise our names,
cause our glory now lives on...
free now at last,
like a bird we rule the sky
wave to the stars as they greet
the newborn king

crossing swords for a final time
the rage of battles call
under raven skies at night
the chilling song of wolves
the tune of doom we know so well
the somber chant from the pits of hell...
marching forward, never retreat
we know the end is nigh...

now here we stand,
where the sky forever fades
praise our names,
cause our glory now lives on...
free now at last,
like a bird we rule the sky
wave to the stars
as they greet the newborn king
crowned by the night,
to rule the silent realm
high on his throne he bears
the jewels of man...lonely till the end

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