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Artist: Rea Chris
Rea Chris Author
Album: Wired To The Moon (1984)
Rea Chris - Wired To The Moon Album
Song Title: Wired to the Moon
Genre: Rock
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So you say that you are tired
And you want to make a deal
The way they see it turning
Well, that's not the way you feel
Well I've got news for you sunshine
You may not understand
You're living in a poker game
And you've already shown your hand
So if you can't stand up
You'd better learn how to fall
One thing is for certain
There's no way out of this at all
Because we're winning!
Now we've ironed out the edges
That your mother may have loved
Or someone you may have wanted
But you are now too far above
'Cos you're shining like a razor
And we're all waiting just for you
We took you up on what you said
Now let's see what you can do

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