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Artist: Reagan Youth
Song Title: Degenerated
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What's Johnny doin' out on tuesday night
When Johnny can't read and Johnny can't write
Johnny just don't understand
Johnny don't care about this world
As long as he can fuck his girl
And prove that he's a man

Johnny wastes his days eatin' ludes
He's a teenage vegetable
Getting high proves that he's cool
Johnny hates to think, he's ignorant
He's a mindless, brainwashed pig
Ring a bell, you start to drool

Degenerated, degenerated and your minds have vegetated!
Degenerated, degenerated and your thoughts are constipated!

He's got P.C.P. in his veins
He's got a void in his brain
He's addicted to the TV
And when he's old, he's gonna have a son
Both grow old deaf and dumb
What's to become of young Johnny?

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