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Artist: Reagan Youth
Song Title: I Hate Hate
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You hate up and down - you hate hanging 'round
You hate here and you hate there - you hate everywhere
You hate this and that - you hate where you're at
You hate near and far - all you hate is all you are!

Why hate the life you live? Hate makes waste - I'm positive
Why waste the life you live? Life's to love - I'm positive

You hate one or two - you hate life and you
You hate A to Z - you hate the world and me

Why hate the life you live and hate yourself on top of it?
Why hate the life you lie? Life's to love - I'm positive

I hate hate! I hate hate! I hate... hate!

Is life a losing war? There's no need to fight no more!
You don't have to lose no more - there's a way to win the war!
Stop loving hate and hating love - when the fighting ends the war is won!
Stop loving hate and hating love - when the fighting ends and all is one!

I hate hate!

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