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Artist: Real Live
Song Title: Money Shows
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The K made the brotherly hit I be enhancing

The predator editor wigsplita like Manson

Who wanna see if they can bang with me?

Ya'll people ain't got enough D-O-E

As sure as a thousand grams equals a key

I be the all metro from the E-A-S-T

You got a pistol and scared to pull

Your zig-zagging I'm hittin with a barrage of bullets

My technique freaks when I speak

I do phenomenal feats with astronomical beats

I'm certified insane

My vocab will stab any rapper in the brain

(Hey player what you workin with?)

I got four broads they all wanna get hit

Plus a fifth of Remy a quarter pound of good shit

We off the K's crib time to split


I got a shorty in my scope I'm brown like dope

Coming back like good coke I smoke til I choke

The pimp with the walk and the talk

Cartel from New Jers well connected in New York

Freaks I like to fool em punks I like to tool em

Before I roll my dice you know a player gotta school em

Streetwise dramatical lyrically mathematical

I'm mentally equipped I'm in a cage combatical

When I stack cream chickens attract like magnets

Plus brothers be open and only hit by fragments

Of platinum shrapnel I consume the whole room

A coliseum I'm turning the joints into my museum

Your more mad cos I rated well planned

It's the rap scene was puzzled cos I hit em full blast

I got a concept that everybody know

Its all about the money and shows so here we go


I've been official from day 1 I'm stacking my bank son

I make the joints for the killers that spray guns

And all the shorties running game acting naughty

Taking rookies for their stock in every city and every block

The stage is set for me to rock

Quick sound check the street sweepers on cock

Crabs like to test the stretch

I got the pearl handled .45 and camouflage vest

Stop, think cop a cold drink

Kick it with a freak but do your dirt on the sneak

Why?Groupies like to tell mad lies

Loot is on your mind and I can see it in your eye

You ain't said nothing slick yo

You used to play the dime roll now your sweating KNO

Cos a player got bagged an shit

Ripping up shit and we refuse to quit

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